Monday, 5 December 2011

A wonderful weekend

Believe in the community

Last weekend I had a great time. That's thanks to ITPro|Dev Connections conference that took place in Glifada, Greece. It was my first Greek dev conferece as I have only a year and a half that I am back in my country. I never had the chance so far to take a closer look at the community and have a taste of the level and the experience of the developers. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical before going to the event. That's because of my disappointment from the interviews I have conducted for the company I work. There were people that have never heard the term "Design Patterns"!!!

I won't get any deeper to the situation as there are many parts to blame and that is not the point of this post. Maybe I will write one in the future... What I want to point out though is that I have met some people that made me believe once again in the potential of my country. Because these people are GREAT programmers, great entrepreneurs and great minds! I would like to list them here (in alphabetical order) for the world to learn about them and I would like to say to them a huge THANKS as they made me believe once again that coming back to Greece was not a mistake.

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