Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Book Read: Clean Coder

Being professional coder is harder than you think...

I have again three books that I am hoping to finish this month,  I will start here with one I just finished. It's the Clean Coder from the famous Uncle Bob. I add it on the Software Engineering Books and in my Highly Recommended list. It is a brilliant read. It is not the technical book one might be looking for. For a more technical approach on how to write clean code please read Clean Code (Robert C. Martin) for which I also have a review.
This books is about what a professional coder is about. What behaviors should he follow on his everyday life as a coder on a big or a small firm. A lot of the content sounds obvious when you read it, but it's put together extremely well and will almost certainly relate to issues that you've had to deal with in your career, be it difficult colleagues or untrusting managers. It's easy to read and will probably open your eyes to becoming a more professional software developer who is better able to take responsibility for their work.

I really wish some of the colleagues I had some time ago have read this brilliant book.

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