Monday, 12 September 2011

New Page, Recommended Books!

After getting some proper rest during my summer holidays and reading quite a few books (once again) I decided that I should publish my list of all time favorite books which I will continuously update from now on. I am a big fan of physical books and I try to buy my favorite books in physical form so that I can have them all in my room's shelves. The last years though I try to also read e-books as they are cheaper and easier to have with me. I am a big fan of apple books and kindle on iPhone although I have to admit that I would be more happy with a bigger screen. I might give a shot to the real Kindle in the future although I am not sure it's worth the money against an iPad. On the other hand, reading pdfs on my pc get's me soooooooo sleepy, I have never managed to finish a single book like that.

I have two simple rules that i try to follow when reading books:
  1. read at most two books per month and 
  2. read them from start to end. Read ALL of them! 
The last one is an old rule that a friend of mine taught me from my university years. I have followed it since then and I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in learning new technologies and keeping up with computer science.

Enough said... You can find the first edition of my reviews here!

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