Wednesday, 5 January 2011

HTML5 Labs

HTML5 Labs provides research projects from Microsoft that will come to our browsers in the recent future. There are a few interesting things in there... Stay in touch.

It's been a great year 2010 and I am quite excited for the things that are about to come in 2011. One of these things are the new HTML5 labs that Microsoft has recently (21st of December) announced in their interoperability website.

In there there are two new research projects:

Since there is no source code given out yet I am exploring these projects with Reflector. I suggest you do the same. IndexedDB is quite interesting as it provides new ideas on a field that there are already a few projects out there. It's a step beyond Silverlight's isolated storage and SterlingDB for Windows Phone. Now for the WebSockets project I am still not sure of their use and of what they provide exactly. There are some subtle differences in the way one has to code for them but all in all they seem just another WCF abstraction layer to me. The future will tell...

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